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Inronik STF: What Frequency Pair (Low Frequency + High Frequency) is The Best?

Discussion in 'Intronik STF' started by SuchMuch, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. SuchMuch

    SuchMuch Administrator Staff Member

    Saint Petersburg, Russia
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    11:16 PM
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    Pro (1.00) Ultra
    Well, now the best frequency pair for Intronik STF is believed to be 5 kHz+40 kHz... How world changes fast... Few month ago the best frequency pair was 1.7 kHz+14 kHz. Let's wait, may be, it will change again

    Intronik STF is a "open platform" in case of frequency pairs. Absolutely versatile frequency pair that suits all tasks doesn't exist. Infra low frequencies (lower than 3 kHz) have their own pros and cons and ultra high frequincies (higher than 30 kHz) does the same. It must be mentioned, that frequencies keep their pros and cons even if they are run together at once.

    Frequency pair 1.7 kHz+14 kHz should be preffered for hunting for deep single laying targets with a size of 1 kopeck USSR to a size of large copper pot. Particular this frequency pair "stretches" sector with hot/cold rocks, high conductive large targets and ground mineralization window. So, if you are hunting for large conductive targets (like ancient bronze helmets, ancient copper/bronze pots) located under hot/cold rocks you won't find better frequency pair for that than 1.7 kHz+14 kHz. Owing to frequency 1.7 kHz produces very strong signal on iron targets frequency pair 1.7 kHz+14 kHz is a bit blind at trashy sites polluted with iron.

    Frequency pair 5 kHz+40 kHz is the deepest and sharpest one on low conductive targets with a size of 2mm hunting gun pellet to a middle size copper coins, it greatly stretches sector with "salt" and low conductive targets. In other words this frequency pair is the best one to hunt for tiny golden chains at salty seashore. More over, pair 5 kHz+40 kHz is ideal for gold prospecting. Owing to magnetic part of signal (that is common for iron targets) is greatly suppressed and conductive part of signal (that prevails in case of non ferrous targets) is enhanced, particular this frequency pair is very sharp on trashy sites.

    Well, INK is designed to run any frequency pair, so it could be tuned to any specific task by changing frequency pair that suites task more. This Spring 2019 frequency pair 5 kHz+40 kHz will be intensively tested and if this pair is proved to be succesful (frequency pair 3 kHz+30 kHz was tested and proved to be succesfull) the range of Intronik STF coils should be:

    1. 10"х6" - 5 kHz+40 kHz
    2. 12,5"х9,5" - 5 kHz+40 kHz and 1.7 kHz+14 kHz
    3. 13" - 5 kHz+40 kHz (?) и 1.7 kHz+14 kHz
    4. 15" - 1.7 kHz+14 kHz
    5. 18" - 1.7 kHz+14 kHz
    6. 25" - 1.7 kHz+14 kHz

    And all hunting tasks has a solution, just choose the right coil

    I hope to test pure gold prospecting frequency pair 10 kHz+80 kHz some day....
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  2. Ethane

    Ethane Dutch Throll

    Amersfoort (Stadhuisplein), Netherlands
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    10:16 PM
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    MFD (2.06)
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