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Used Sorex Pro for sale or trade For Sale

Very good unit still under warranty, comes with extra Mars Tiger 2 frequency coil.

EUR 625.00
Not installed
Pine Street, Corning, United States
This unit is less than 2 years old and is still under warranty. It is a Russian made unit and it is DEEEEEEP! I have dug dimes at 10" and a walking Liberty half at 14" this season. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this unit and it performs flawlessly. There is a bit of a learning curve to this machine but once you get the hang of it is deadly.
This machine has the ability to change frequencies with different coils. The stock coil is 7 KHZ and the additional Mars coil is a dual frequency coil that you can switch between 5 KHZ and 12 KHZ. With these 3 frequencies you have all areas covered. This unit has been well taken care of and cleaned after each use. I do have a control box cover for it that is not pictured but is included.
If selling outright I am asking $625. I would also consider the following trades, Explorer, Safari, AT Pro with extras, Deus Lite, and may consider others just contact me.