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New Signum MFD PRO with Wireless Headphones For Sale

Pro modification version 4 with transmitter integrated into control box with wireless headphones

EUR 1,100.00
Signum MFD Firmware Version:
2.06 MFD
Ленинский проспект, Юго-Западный административный округ, Москва, Russian Federation
Hi there!
My name is Sergey (nick name on forum is asgo).
I am an author of upgrades for Signum (mod. PRO) and Sorex Pro (mod. Ultra).

Right at the moment the price for Signum MFD Pro upgrade ver. 4.0 with transmitter integrated into control box + wireless headphones, stock coil 12.5x9.5, is 1100 eur including shipping from Moscow.

Should currency exchange rate change, price could change accordingly. Exchange rate could be obtained here.

If you are located in Germany or Netherlands please consider buying from my dealer stefan-s