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  • This classified has expired.

New Signum MFD PRO sale For Sale

4 ver. of upgrade with wireless system

EUR 946.00
Signum MFD Firmware Version:
2.06 MFD
Ленинский проспект, Южный административный округ, Москва, Russian Federation
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Hi everybody! My name is Sergey (user name asgo) I am an author of upgrade of Signum (PRO) and Sorex (ver. Ultra)
Now the price for Signum MFD Upgrade ver. 4.0 with wireless system with 12.5x9.5 coil is 946 euro including shipping from Moscow. If the course is change, the price can change too http://www.cbr.ru/
Also I am interesting wholesalers for special conditions.
(except Netherlands), becouse I already have dealer here. If you want by in Germany or Netherlands you can do it directly from my dealer.
Best regards Sergey (asgo)


    1. asgo
      Rate of rubble\euro change, so the price now is 946 euro for Signum MFD Upgrade ver. 4.0 with wireless system with 12.5x9.7 kHz5 coil.
    2. vint1
      What's the differences between mfd and this new pro version .
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      2. asgo
        MFD is version of program and PRO (now ver. 4/0) is hardware improvements
        Apr 15, 2018
    3. stefan-s
      Stefan-s thats me. I'm the dealer for the Netherlands and Germany
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    4. asgo
      You can get all support (consulting and warranty) if you by from me or my dealers. Also I sell Sorex (modification Ultra) I will make a classified soon.