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  • This classified has expired.

Used Signum MFD, 2.05 For Sale

EUR 700.00
Signum MFD Firmware Version:
2.05 MFD
Moerbergplantsoen, IJmuiden, The Netherlands
For sale my Signum MFD...little used as a new one...


    1. mario costa
      hi Tibor, i would be interested in the Signum MFD. Let me know if still available.

    2. tibko
      Hallo Tenente,

      I have 1 pc of Signum MFD ver. 2.05 and 1 pc of Berkut 5, ver. 5.20...what's on offer.....

      Regards Tibor
    3. Tenente Sorbano

      I would like to know if he still owns Aka metal
    4. sullivan2002

      does it come with one or two coils?
      the price is negotiable?


    5. SuchMuch
      Pls add pics of subject Signum