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  • This classified has expired.

Used Golden Mask Telescopic Carbon Shaft ,adapted to sorex use For Sale

EUR 73.00
golden mask carbon shaft ,adapted to sorex use (two holes drilled for mounting aka mount plate ). if you check my you-tube channel you can see how it mounts .
i have also addressed the squeaky moving handle issue ,so now its firm and not squeaking .
its wonderfully compact and if i used a bike to get around i would keep it ,but i dont . and having just brought 4 more machines i need to sell non essential items to get my paypal account back in good position .
that said the sorex breaks down into 3 peices .so the space saving is minimal its just convenient to open close in few seconds .
uk £55 +£4 postage (£35 saving)
europe 73 euros plus 18 euros postage .