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New Buy Coil 10" Wanted

EUR 170.00
Kraków, Poland
I want to buy a new coil Signum 10" - 14 or 20 kHz. Please offer.
I'm not interested coil 11.5. Sorry


    1. Igor
      Yes,we can discuss a deal.
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      2. Romulus
        OK. My e-mail: robert,mularczyk@gmail.com
        Feb 22, 2017
      3. Igor
        Hi Robert,
        please,check your e-mail,it says "wrong e-mail"
        Feb 22, 2017
      4. Romulus
        I'm sorry for the mistake in the address. After behalf robert wrote "comma" and should be "dot"
        Valid e-mail address:
        It seems to me that last year bought via e-bay from you coil 6x10 "20kHz (garyman2008)? But I'm not sure :)
        Feb 22, 2017
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