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New Attack carbon shaft for AKA Sorex For Sale

Attack carbon shaft for AKA Sorex

EUR 77.49
Not installed
Groningerweg, Sleen, The Netherlands
Attack carbon s-shaft especially for AKA Sorex

This Attack carbon shaft is a real improvement for your AKA Sorex detector, due its low weight and high stiffness, this Attack carbon shaft makes searching with your AKA Sorex considerably.

This Attack shaft is adjustable in length, the minimum length is 110 cm, the maximum length is 137 cm, making it very suitable for small but also tall people.

Weight of this handle is only: 450 grams

Set consists of:
Lower stem (carbon)
Middle stem (carbon)
Upper stem (light weight aloy)
Coil bold
2x cable strep
2x coil rubber

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