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  • This classified has been marked as sold.

Used 13'' 3 frequency coil (3khz, 7 khz and 12khz) Sold

3 frequency coil

EUR 225.00
The Street, Milton Lilbourne, United Kingdom
This is a second hand coil that has been used a couple of times but is in a very good clean condition. It is 3, 7 & 12 kHz.


    1. tibko
      Hi epona, is your information correct? Is this coil 3,7,12 kHz or 3,7,14 kHz?
      1. epona
        Hi Tibko.......I put it on the MFD and it states that it is 3,7 & 12 kHz (not 3,7 & 14khz)
        Sep 2, 2017