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Sig MFT Signum MFT User Manual (Firmware Version 1.00.c)

Official AKA manual
By SuchMuch · Oct 11, 2017 ·
  1. SuchMuch

    Power Supply

    The device is powered using 6 AA batteries or 6 rechargeable NIMH. Rechargeable batteries and charger are not included and must be purchased separately.

    We recommend that you use NiMH batteries from SANYO, ANSMANN 2500 capacity-VARTA or 2850 Ma/h. The use of standard alkaline batteries is possible but not cost effective as the rechargeable batteries pay off after 4-5 recharges.

    Battery cartridge.jpg

    When using batteries, with a capacity of 2500 Ma/h, continuous operation is approximately 16 hours in the main mode and 6-7 hours in Turbo mode

    Several recommendations on the use of nickel-metal hydride batteries:
    • Avoid fully discharging the batteries with each cycle use as this shortens their lifespan. Slight "memory effect" is eliminated by one complete discharge approximately once a month.
    • After extended periods, of storing the device, it is usually good practice to fully discharge and charge the batteries a total of 4-5 times.
    • Remember that due to the self-discharge nature of the batter capacity falls (by About 5% per day, so it is advisable to charge batteries before each use.
    • DO NOT use rechargeable batteries that have different capacities in the same set.
    WARNING! When connecting the battery magazine to the device connector insure
    the battery is properly connected (polarity is indicated on the battery cartridge) and insure the voltage source is correct. In the case of incorrect polarity or improper voltage the device can be damaged.
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