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Sig MFT Signum MFT User Manual (Firmware Version 1.00.c)

Official AKA manual
By SuchMuch · Oct 11, 2017 ·
  1. SuchMuch

    Getting Started

    Assemble the metal detector. To do this:
    • Install the appliance in a metal bar;
    • Tighten the Collet Chuck;
    • Install the inner (plastic rod) sensor;
    • Install the rod with the sensor in a metal bar to desired length, using the tabs and holes in the rod
    • Tightly and evenly wrap the sensor cable around the rod. Freely hanging cables can Cause falsing;
    • Connect the sensor connector to the electronic unit.
    WARNING! Do not over tighten the attachments and fittings for the telescopic shaft. This applies in particular to the plastic bolt for the search coil and shaft collets.

    Thanks to a specially designed three-knee construction shafts do not need to be disassembled for transportation, simply push the knee shafts into each other all the way and the device is ready to be carried compactly (fig. 1)

    (fig. 1)​

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