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Sig MFD New to AKA and thinking of buying a Signum?

Signum MFD review
By ghound · May 8, 2018 ·
  1. ghound
    Having used a Signum exclusively for near a year, I'm going to give you my best advice before buying.

    The Signum is a deep machine on solo sitting targets.
    The Signum is very average working around iron, don't believe in magic 'expert iron settings', the machine doesn't have the software/programming needed to work in iron like a Deus, Rutus etc
    Don't believe the propaganda that the Signum can compete or outperform all other detectors.
    Don't believe that the Signum is a professional detector and that is way it has soo many settings. It's more a fact that other manufacturers have worked out how to make professional level machines without the need for endless adjustments.

    So if you want a deep pasture machine for solo sitting targets, the Signum is very good.
    If you hunt in iron infested ground, buy something else!
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