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Sig MFD DEEP Mode (Signum MFD) Guide

All knowledge dealing with Signum MFD's DEEP Mode is collected here
By SuchMuch · Oct 18, 2017 · Updated Feb 22, 2018 ·
  1. SuchMuch
    This quide is subject to be updated with time...

    As we know, Signum MFD = Signum MFT + DEEP Mode.

    DEEP Mode is an additional software that turns Signum into deep scanning/seeking unit like 2-box metal detector, but with hodograph feature and identification. The another peculiarity of DEEP Mode is it is able to ignore surface iron carpet and provide ID for large objects through iron carpet.

    If you are hunting in VLF Mode with Signum MFD, there is completely no difference between Signum MFD and Signum MFT in performance. This guide deals with the rest part of MFD only: DEEP Mode

    • Overview:
    • Theory Part / How Does It Work?:
    • DEEP Mode Manual:
    First Steps with DEEP Mode
    • Get Ready:
    • Sound Scheme:
    • Ground Balance:
    • Practical Guide:
    • Common Mistakes:
    Coils & Targets
    Hoard Hunting
    All the threads relevant to DEEP Mode are marked with:
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